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New Hope Missions

New Hope Missions

New Hope Missions works to support indigenous works through existing churches. Our present work is primarily in Mexico, but also enjoys associations with ministries in Israel and Estonia and most recently has been developing contacts in Guatemala.

New Hope Missions is a good work prepared by God, picking up from where the work of two previous generations have left off, as well as new things from the Lord. Visit our History page to learn more.

Please watch our site as it is further developed to share the good news of the work God is doing beyond the scope of our day to day lives.

Our Vision

We have released a newsletter in September. If you have not received one, click on “Contact Us” and send us your request by email and we will mail one to you OR you may click on the link below to download it in a PDF format, allowing you to view it on your screen and choose whether to print it out yourself.

Did You Receive A Newsletter?

Did You Receive A Newsletter?


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